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With JEC Technologies, you can outsource the responsibility for managing and anticipating all of your IT needs to a Managed Services Provider (MSP). 

We offer a range of processes and functions, ostensibly for the purpose of improved operations, which reduces budgetary expenditures through the reduction of directly employed staff. 

These business benefits of managed services are not limited to but include: 

  • Predictable Low Cost. 

  • Scalability based on your company requirements 

  • Minimized Downtime 

  • A Preventive Approach 

  • Proven Experts since 2007 to guide and assist you on the journey 

  • Data Compliance 

  • Reliable Relationships 


The JEC Technologies Group exists to solve critical issues faced by our clients, by providing meaningful, simple, and quantifiable value to each client.


Advise you on your strategy


Roadmaps and solutions


POPI and solutions


Solutions, products and services

to suit you


Outcome based solutions that you

can count on


Refer a business on a solution based on their needs

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