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Managed Services

Outsourcing your IT management to JEC Technologies will help you get your time and resources back so your business can do what it does best. Reach out to find out how.


When you partner with JEC Technologies, all your IT requirements are solvable in less time – without adding extra workload to your team – so you can improve efficiencies and focus on what makes your business great. With our proactive monitoring, maintenance, and support, you can breathe easy that your IT systems and devices are operating at peak performance.


See some of our plan options below.


Hardware & Software Audits

Performance & Preventative Maintenance Reports

ConnectWise Remote Control

Patch Whitelisting Service

Antivirus Management

Web-based Management Portal (User)

Desktop Performance Monitoring

Administrative Scripting (Automatic fixes)

Policy Management (Computer and Patches)

Client Communicator with Self-Help Center

Webroot Antivirus License

End User Help Desk

Telephonic / Chat / Email Support Answering

Windows, Mac & Mobile Device Support

Administrative Tasks

(see SOS)

Virus & Malware Removal

Software Installations (See SOS)

JECTECH Remote Tier4 Escalation

Additional Options & Features Available


Hardware & Software Audits

ConnectWise Remote Control tool

Ticket-Based Workflow for automation tasks

Ticket Escalations with Steps to Resolution (Tier 2)

Patch Whitelisting Service

Multi-Vendor Antivirus support

Remote Restart of Services by NOC*

Patch Deployment by NOC*

NOC* Resolution of Patch Failures

Proactive or On-Demand Server Restarts

Active Directory Group Policy Troubleshooting

System Performance Analysis & Troubleshooting

Health Check & Defragmentation

MS Service Pack Installations

JECTECH Remote Tier4 Escalation

Additional Options & Features Available


Custom Domain Configuration (O365, 2 Domains)

User & Group Creation (more than 5 will be project)

Naming Conventions and Restrictions (Users, groups)

Group Management (Teams, Users, devices, Office)

Policies - Incoming/Outgoing SPAM

Once off review (Assessment report provided)

Additional Options & Features Available


Policies - Retention

Policies - Sharing Permissions

Policies - Anti-Phishing

Policies - Anti-Malware

Policies - Attachments (executables)

Policies - Attachments (video and audio)

Policies - Safe Links

Policies - Custom Mailflow (profanity, warnings etc)

Configure & Manage Auditing

Quarterly Policies Reviews

Multi-Factor Authentication

Identity Management (SSPR)

Email Reputation (DKIM,SPF,DMARC)(2 domains)

Endpoint Protection (Intune) BYOD/MDM

Additional Options & Features Available


Monthly Config Backups

Performance & Preventative Maintenance Reports (monthly)

Proactive monitoring (Daily)

Managed updates and protection from new threats

Ad-hoc Support (on requests)

Reporting on demand (on requests)

Limited support by remote team (rules changes, troubleshooting)

Monthly Threat assessment and reports

JECTECH Remote Tier4 Escalation

Additional Options & Features Available

Basic Features Included
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JecTech Educational  Screen Savers
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