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Using Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams is a unified communication and collaboration platform that combines persistent workplace chat, video meetings, file storage, and application integration. Teams has replaced Skype for Business. It is a powerful tool and having full use of it will empower you to communicate and share.

Microsoft Teams Image

How to Get to Teams

Microsoft Windows

Click on the Start Menu        , go to Microsoft Corporation and then click on Microsoft Teams.

Mac OS

Go to the Applications folder and click on Microsoft Teams.

Smartphone / Mobile

On a smartphone, tap on the Teams icon.

Microsoft Teams Icon

When you open Teams for the first time you will be prompted to sign in.

Microsoft Teams Image

If prompted with this screen, enter your Microsoft Office 365 email address and click Sign in.

You will be prompted for a password and may be prompted for additional authentication depending on if you have Multifactor Authentication and Authenticator Applications configured.

How to Start a Chat

Adding Contacts

You can add a new contact to Teams by typing their address in the Search box at the top of the Teams window.

Microsoft Teams Image

If they are a Teams user from outside of your organisation, you will be prompted to search externally for the contact.

Microsoft Teams Image

Creating Contact Groups

To create a new group click on Chats, then click on Create a new contact group on the bottom of the Teams window.

Microsoft Teams Image

You will then be prompted to enter a name for the group. Enter a name and click Create.

Microsoft Teams Image

Adding Contacts to the Group

To add a contact to the group, click on the three dots            on the right of the Contact Group name. Then click on Add a contact to this group.

Microsoft Teams Image

This will pop up a window allowing you to search for contacts by name.

How to Schedule a Meeting

Teams Calendar

Within Teams, click on Calendar from the left hand side menu.

Microsoft Teams Image

On the top right click on +New meeting.

Microsoft Teams Image

You will get a pop-up where can set the standard details for the meeting.

Microsoft Teams Image

You can select a channel for the meeting to be stored under, should you have a channel setup. This can make it easier to find and reference in future by the team users of the channel.

A window with options to Join the Meeting, Chat with participants before the meeting, or cancel the meeting will appear.

Microsoft Teams Image

Note that there is also a link at the bottom for participants who do not have Teams installed or licensed to use.

Before joining you will get a window showing you some options on how you would like to communicate, including microphone and video options.

Microsoft Teams Image

Adding Contacts to the Group

To schedule a Teams meeting from Outlook click on the on the Calendar on the bottom of Outlook.

Microsoft Teams Image

Click on New Teams Meeting from the top of the Outlook window.

Microsoft Teams Image

This will open up the new meeting window, allowing you to enter in the standard details for your meeting.

Microsoft Teams Image

Note that there is a link at the bottom for participants who do not have Teams installed or licensed to use.

You can also change a normal meeting or appointment to a Teams meeting by clicking on the Teams Meeting button at the top of the window.

Microsoft Teams Image

Add of the required details to the meeting, the required and optional attendees, and the start and end times. You can also add the location, and a title for the meeting.

Microsoft Teams Image

How to Book a Room or Resource

Booking a Room

If you are using rooms in your tenant, the rooms can be book and scheduled by inviting them to the meeting. If the resource is available, and you are within the same organisation as the resource, it will automatically be accepted by the resource. This can be done by clicking on the Rooms button or by entering the associated address in the Invite people box.

Teams - Adding Rooms.png

Booking a Resource

This process works the same for inviting a resource though it is selected in the To or Invite options rather than from the Rooms button. This is important if you are adding a resource that acts as the camera and conference services.

Teams - Adding Resources 2.png
Teams - Adding Resources 1.png

Record a Meeting

How to Record a Meeting

You can record a meeting to review later or share to participants who were unable to attend.

To record a meeting, after the meeting has started, click on the three dots

Microsoft Teams Image

In the menu that appears click on Start recording.

Microsoft Teams Image

Once the meeting is over, you will be able to play it back by going into the meeting and clicking on the meeting recording in the list.

Microsoft Teams Image

It will also be accessible from Microsoft Stream.

Getting your Meeting Recording

You can access it by going to the following URL:

You can also get to Microsoft Streams by going to:

Click on the All apps button.

All Apps Ican

Click on the Stream button.

Microsoft Teams Apps

From the Stream page click on the My content menu at the top of the window, then click on Videos.

This will bring up a list of your videos, which includes recorded meetings.

Microsoft Teams Image
Microsoft Teams Image

To share the video, click on the three dots, then click on the Share button.

To download the video, click on the three dots, then click on the Download video button.

Microsoft Teams Image

Screen Sharing

How to Share your Screen

You can share your screen, full view, or specific applications on your machine.

To do this click on the Share button while the meeting is running.

Microsoft Teams Image

Various options will appear that define what you are sharing.

Giving Control of a Shared Screen

You can also give or request control of a screen that is being shared by one of the participants.

To grant control a screen, click on Give control that appears at the top of the screen while the screen is being shared.

To end the control, click on Take back control from the same menu.

Requesting Contol of a Shared Screen

To request control, click on the Request control button on the menu that appears while hovering over a shared screen.

A pop-up will appear on the sharing person’s screen to approve or deny the request.

Once you are done, select Release control from the top of the screen to return control to the sharing participant.

How to Connect Outside Parties

Both types of Teams meeting create link for a participant or participants outside your organisation or that do not have Teams.

Microsoft Teams Image

Clicking on this will open the default web browser on the participant’s machine.

There are options to allow an app to be downloaded to their machine or joining through the web browser.

Microsoft Teams Image

It is recommended that the application be used as it is more reliable and has more function, however, does require that the participant have access to install applications on the machine they are using.

If the participant already has Teams installed, they can open it with the link at the bottom of the page, Launch it now.

They should also get a pop-up prompt that invites them to Open Microsoft Teams that is already installed on their machine.

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