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John Currie featured as a Hot Entrepreneur

John Currie, our expert geek, was recently featured on a local radio station, Hot 91.9fm. John is true entrepreneur at heart and has had experience running and managing a business at every level. He was featured on the show Hot Entrepreneurs as a guest chatting about how to manage clients.

His advice to other entrepreneurs when dealing with clients is to understand what makes a good client and what constitutes a bad client and this will help direct how to manage the relationship with them. A bad client will not only cost you money, but will also drain your resources, and the most important resource to an entrepreneur is time.

When defining the role that the client plays and then that of the service provider, there needs to be an understanding of what the scope of work is from both parties. If there are additional requirements from the client, those expectations need to be handled in a transparent manner outlining that they do not fall into the current work portfolio and will be treated as a separate item. This avoids what is commonly called "scope creep" and can lead to a souring of a business relationship.

John described how best to exit a relationship so that the client is not left resentful and any future business whether related directly or indirectly to the service provider, is affected.

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