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The Perils of Improvisation: A Network Nightmare Unraveled

by John Currie

Here's a story that highlights how a seemingly simple "fix" can quickly spiral into a major problem. It's a lesson that we have witnessed numerous times in the past and is bound to repeat in the future. Therefore, it's wise to keep things smart, and straightforward, and always think ahead!"

In the fast-paced field of network management, certain stories seem all too familiar. A client is encountering connectivity issues with their network and seeking assistance to resolve the issue. In this blog post, we summarize key points from an article by John Currie, our MSP director, who shares his firsthand experience with a network nightmare and the valuable lessons learned.

The Chaos Begins: Picture a scenario where a client’s network is plagued by devices that refuse to cooperate. Similar to moody teenagers, these devices connect sporadically and cause unexplained disruptions.

The Plot Thickens: As the trusted Managed Service Provider (MSP), we conducted a four-day-long investigation into the client's network abyss.

The Ah-Ha Moment: Finally, we discovered the root cause of the problem - a collection of innocent-looking WiFi extenders. These seemingly harmless devices had gone rogue, acting as unauthorized DHCP servers and wreaking havoc by distributing IP addresses indiscriminately.

Read the full article to learn John's advice and key lessons for a smoother network experience.



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