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Silver Partner Status Awarded to JEC Tech

JEC Technologies Joins an Exclusive Group of Cloud Experts

In striving to be superior cloud infrastructure architects and provide extraordinary services to their clients, the newly formed JEC Tech team of John Currie, Wilhelm Kemp and Derek Middleton have, in their short time together, been awarded the silver level of cloud competency by the Microsoft Corporation.

The benefits of achieving this status is that JEC Tech is awarded tools and platforms that ultimately mean they are able to offer better solutions to their clients, more efficiently and with greater impact. “The team is working hard to deliver value to clients in every interaction and that is iterated through this recognition from Microsoft. This acknowledgment motivates us to push even harder towards our goals,” comment John Currie, MD and Expert Geek at JEC Tech.

JEC Tech’s achievement of this status can be identified now by the logo below indicating that JEC Tech are being recognized as a class above the rest:

More about JEC Tech

JEC Tech is a team of cloud solution architects that are committed to analyzing, identifying and producing a frictionless integration of cloud-based products for their clients. The team recently joined forces bringing together 3 individuals with unique skills sets and strengths which adds a broad spectrum value to every client.

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