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Microsoft 365, a holistic workplace solution that empowers everyone to work together in a secure way.

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  • For Education

The new culture of work, is empowering people and organizations to achieve more. Digital technology continues to define our global economy. Across industries, change is happening faster than ever. As companies continue to harness the power of technology to automate, simplify, and integrate many aspects of work, there are a few essential questions businesses need to answer.

  1. How can we enable a modern workplace that is productive, responsive, creative, and secure?

  2. How do we empower individuals and teams to create and deliver value for the business?

  3. Here do we start on the journey to transform our workplace?

O365 Explained

JEC Technologies has solution architects that can assist you with these vital questions. Understanding that business demands driving modern workplace investments, the following attributes are among the three highest-priority areas of digital investment in your organization:

  • Customer experience

  • Performance management/data-driven decision making

  • Process digitization

This is where modern workplace technologies are imperative to your investment and should be taken seriously with capabilities such as:

  • Web-based videoconferencing/meeting

  • Employee performance management systems

  • Employee pulse surveys/feedback tools

  • Cloud-based email

  • Web-based collaboration platform

  • People analytics/organizational network analysis

  • New learning management systems

  • Robotic process automation

  • Employee performance management systems

  • Web-based collaboration platform

Microsoft 365 is your complete, intelligent solution, including Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security, which empowers everyone to be creative and work together, securely. Reducing the amount of time people must use to hunt down the expertise they need enables employees to focus on delivering results

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