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Preparing for a Data Breach

Keeping in the view of IT Security and following our last post on “Every 40 Seconds, A Company Gets Hit By A Ransomware! Are you next?”

It was predicted by commentators across the industry that 2018 was going to be the ‘year of data protection’ The year has illuminated the fact that attitudes to data privacy and protection needed a fundamental overhaul.

It is impossible to address the topic of data protection through 2018 without referencing the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into force May 2018. Undoubtedly the biggest overhaul of the intricacies of protecting data was evident in Europe.

Looking forward to the year ahead, as we shift towards mitigating the damage of an inevitable breach, and should remain focused in 2019 on GDPR and take measures towards end-to-end encryption of data which will become a necessity rather than an option this year. Organisations, not just in the EU but also around the rest of world, must start to think differently about their data protection strategies.

South Africa is absolutely becoming a digitally maturing market. So, what measures can companies take to stay one step ahead of the bad guys?

Organisations will focus on cloud-based security platforms. If organizations are to stay ahead of the attackers and more effectively protect their employees, intellectual property, bottom lines, data and customer information against future data breaches

Contact your Jec Technologies Solutions Architect today to have an analysis done on your customised security requirements and obtain a quote to ensure your data is protected.

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