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2019 Cyber Security: Prevent, Detect & Respond

The world will face over 500 new cyber threats. Malware, spyware and key loggers are three ways cyber criminals use to obtain sensitive information from unsuspecting consumers

  • South Africa security company Malware attacks in increased by 22% in the first quarter of 2019 compared to the first quarter of 2018, according to global cyber security company Kaspersky Lab

  • 13 842 attempted cyber attacks in SA per day

  • That means there are just under 577 attempted attacks per hour, or over 9 per second.

  • Android mobile phones in SA are the second most targeted in the world in terms of banking malware. Russia faces the most.

Tips to protect yourself against malware, spyware and keyloggers:

  • Avoid downloading pirated software, as it may contain malware.

  • Beware of fake anti-virus software that is offered for free, as it could contain malware.

  • Don't use the same passwords on social platforms and for internet banking. Log off from the internet banking site after completing transactions.

  • Never use public computers to do internet banking.

  • Only use security patches from reputable vendors.

  • Use robust passwords including letters, numbers and symbols.

Cyber criminals appear to be able to come up with new threats and keep pace with emerging technologies that have been developed specifically to keep them out.

Interestingly, it is predicted that 2019 will see smaller companies enlisting the same cyber security approaches as deployed by large corporations. The one certainty is that 2019 will bring the next phase of threat evolution.

Cyberattacks are always evolving—last year it was WannaCry and Petya and this year it was exploits of Meltdown and Spectre.

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