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4 ways to stay safe online

With the growing presence and sophistication of online threats like viruses, ransomware, and phishing scams, it’s important to have the right protection. Office 365 Home and Office 365 Personal give you advanced security tools to help keep your information secure and private.

1. Avoid viruses and phishing scams

Malware and viruses attack your computer when you visit malicious websites or download infected files. Thirty-five percent of all computers globally are infected by malware.

Hackers use phishing scams to try to steal your identity or money by sending official-looking email asking for sensitive personal information. 23% of people open phishing email.

To stay safe, use to send and receive email. uses advanced detection techniques to check attachments for viruses, and it warns you if you click on a suspicious link.


2. Protect your information with passwords

Sending confidential or personal information online can be worrisome. Using OneDrive, you can require a password to access a shared link. This prevents others from accessing your files if the recipient forwards or shares the link.

Go to OneDrive, select the file you want to share, then select Share.

Select Set password and enter a password.

Select Copy, then paste the link in an email message.


3. Encrypt email to minimize threats

Use email encryption in to share your confidential and personal information and minimize the threat of your email being intercepted or leaked to cybercriminals.

To send an encrypted email,

select Encrypt > Encrypt to encode your message, or Encrypt > Encrypt and prevent forwarding to encode your message and prevent it from being copied or forwarded.


4. Recover files from malicious attacks

More than 4,000 ransomware attacks happen every day. If Office 365 detects a ransomware attack, you’ll get an email or notification. To recover from ransomware, file corruption, malicious attacks, or accidental deletions, you can restore your OneDrive to a previous time.

A: Go to the OneDrive website.

B: Select Settings > Options.

C: Select Restore your OneDrive.

D: Select the earliest activity that you want to undo.

E: Select a date from the drop-down list,

or choose Custom date and time.

F: Select Restore to undo all the activities

you selected.


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