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#SelfService Feature

JEC Technologies Group is your IT Solutions and Support provider. When you have a request or issue you will want to log a ticket with us to help you resolve it.

In our recent partnership with AEP, not only do we offer support as you require it, we also believe in educating our end-users. Implementing self-service eases the ticket burden of other channels because it enables customers to resolve an issue on their own.

The beauty of self-help functions that are open to the end users (aka customers) and accessible through our company’s website. Self service features include self-resolution of issues through use of a knowledge base, password reset, self-logging of incidents, collaborative spaces, service requests and even product information sheets, such as our new add on value feature through Azure AD - SSPR. They also feature to end users as a first line of support, and empower those customers to find information, request services, and resolve their issues by educating themselves on "How To."

At JEC Technologies Group, we aim to expand our clients’ knowledge and skills, and give them the tools they require for solving similar issues in the future. We have a new Self Service Tab on our website to provide detailed information beyond the basics when delivering answers to commonly asked questions.

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