Are these four IT issues costing your business?

Issued by JEC Technologies, Senior Digital copywriter - Candice Lee Reeves

Originally Published by ITWeb: Johannesburg, 11 Mar 2022 Read time 4min 50sec

Your business niche is where the money is, but the day-to-day costs of managing the IT that enables you to do that work means you’re often just keeping up. This gets even more complex and costly as remote workers become the norm, new devices saturate the market and the number of business applications continue to rise.

  1. Managing IT equipment - If you’re feeling the burn of constantly putting out IT-related fires, we get it.

  2. Juggling complex IT systems - This can get clunky and time-consuming to navigate

  3. Riding the rate of change - A managed service enables you to outsource specific tasks.

  4. Managing security poorly - This leaves your business open to a loss of revenue, reputation damage and loss of productivity.

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