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It's enough to be unlucky just ONCE!

Concerned about losing company data to a cyberattack? You should be…

The pandemic. Has created a prime opportunity for cybercriminals to attack organizations, as people adapt to new ways of working. Flexible working patterns are already in place for many organizations, even before the pandemic. However, once government guidance switched to working from home whenever possible, remote working became a norm and doubled.

Phishing” is the latest on-ramp to ransomware and on the rise. Phishing emails are the easiest way in, as businesses are still adjusting to improving their network security.

There are new cyber-attacks every 14 seconds per day. There is sufficient evidence that consumers, as well as businesses are increasingly targeted with ransomware demands. (“CybSafe-The_Rise_of_Ransomware_ebook.pdf - THE RISE OF...”)

What every business owner needs to know to protect against cyber-attacks. Industries consistently are under attack from finance, Health care, Construction, Manufacturing, and not limited to, but including the legal systems.

So, you ask, why should you care about cyber security? You need to learn the threats and be prepared.

The problem is many organizations don’t know or dramatically underestimate the risks of losing your company data due to a cyberattack, and don’t take critical action until it is too late

Understanding the cyber threat landscape is a critical first step to reduce the risk of data loss and business interruption. (“Cincinnati 2022 | Vistage”)

Clearly, we need a better plan. But when we start to think about cyber security, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed.

Your Security IS the Priority Talk to your managed service provider about security; ask for an assessment, discuss the options.



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