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Teams Experience

Companies around the world are experiencing a new reality of the hybrid workplace. This is driving companies to expedite their digital transformation and quickly build resilient communication systems to support their company’s mission and a remote work environment. Enhanced admin control and features is available in Teams. Design the meeting lobby look and feel and then apply it to the core meeting experience. Below are some tips that will help enhance your overall Teams experience:

  • Raise "Hand" in Microsoft Teams to indicate your need to speak

  • Download the Teams app to your computer and phone

  • Configure your notifications

  • Keep Teams as your internal collaboration tool

  • Use email for more formal, external communication

Read the recent blog post announcement about Advanced Communications. Advanced Communications can be purchased on top of any other Microsoft 365 suite that contains Microsoft Teams and will provide a new set of capabilities for large meetings, communication policies and integrations, and advanced tools for IT management. Keeping your team together even if they are working remotely. Contact for more information.



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