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The traffic jam moved online. Here’s how to get unstuck.

Before 2020, traffic jams were experienced physically, in a car, on a road, usually in the mornings and evenings while heading to or from your workplace. You’d be stuck, bumper to bumper, surrounded but alone, not knowing how long the delay would be or what the business impact would be on the other side.

Since 2020, many workplaces have gone online with employees working remotely from home instead. But this doesn’t mean the traffic jam experience has gone. Nope. It’s just moved online with us. Here are some online traffic jam examples you may relate to and what you can do about it.

Taking the long route? Improve your connectivity. The difference between driving on a dirt road and driving on a tar road is immense when you’re trying to get somewhere quickly. This is like your online connectivity. Finding the right partner to support your business needs is critical to ensuring you’ve got the best connectivity to get to where you’re going.

Traffic moving too slow? Address your bandwidth. When the road (network) is too small for the traffic, there are bound to be delays. And when you have make-or-break deliverables on the line, this can be detrimental to your business. Working with a supplier to increase your bandwidth essentially builds you a bigger road – increasing your business capacity to deliver.

Too many cars on the road? Get online sharing. Sometimes the issue isn’t the size of the road, but the number of vehicles on it that are going in different directions… like when teams work in isolation, using different platforms and resources to get work done. A lack of coordination like this slows productivity, creates bottlenecks, and adds incremental hidden costs that damage business effectiveness.

The solution? Centralise your software and online tools, so transitions between teams are smoother, output is consistent, and staff performance is easier to see and measure. Moving to the cloud, where all documents, processes, and departments talk to each other in the same way, is a lot like driving in an automated car.

Unexpected toll fees? Get a partner to support you. Sometimes technology trips you up – like an unexpected toll fee – especially when it’s not part of your core business. Detours and hiring full IT departments are costly. How do you prepare for technology glitches without breaking the bank?

Get a partner like JEC Technologies to support you. We’ll assess your online business and security needs, help you migrate to a selection of cloud-based platforms (like Microsoft or G-Suite), and give you a person to call for a quick ‘helicopter escape’ when you’re stuck in an IT jam.

Don’t let the congestion of getting your business moving online slow you down. Contact our solutions architect today for an obligation-free chat to see how we can help dissolve your online traffic frustrations. Reach Out



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